What Makes a Hotel to be Considered 5-Star? Top Features to Look For

What Makes a Hotel to be Considered 5-Star? Top Features to Look For

There are no international bodies that have been set to rate hotels. This means that any hotel can just claim to be 5-star when in a real sense it does not qualify to be 5 stars. You will, therefore, need to know for yourself how to categorize a hotel to be in the 5-star distinction.

Service Consistency

Truly 5-star hotels and those that are just 5-star by name differ in one thing; the consistency of the services they offer. The hotel and hospitality industry is usually very tough as it is plagued by high turnovers. Therefore, it is no small feat for any hotel to be able to deliver high-level services consistently. Recruiting and retaining the people that help in the delivery of such services is also a big task. Therefore, any hotel that can achieve this is a truly 5-star hotel.


The best hotels, even if it is your first time to book with them, will consistently call you by name. This can seem almost like magic. You will feel that you are being cared for. A quality hotel should, therefore, be able to give you a personalized experience while you are staying with them.


One of the reasons why you decide to travel and stay in a quality hotel is so that you can be able to sleep better than you do at home. You, therefore, need a hotel with quality beds. A high-quality hotel should, therefore, have ultra-plush and comfy beds. The pillows should also be top class.

Kid’s Amenities

The shortest way to a parent’s heart is through his or her child. Real 5-star hotels know this. A good hotel should be able to offer your children a wonderful welcome when you go with them on a family vacation. You want to have the best time with your family while you are staying at a hotel. A 5-star hotel should be able to give you just that.

Bath Amenities

When looking for a 5-star hotel, you want to see toiletries of better brand names in their bathrooms. This is because you want to have an experience that will make you feel better. You want to have a comfortable stay and use products that you don’t normally use at home. A luxurious hotel should, therefore, be able to guarantee that.