The Process of Getting VoIP for Your New Business

The Process of Getting VoIP for Your New Business

With the changing times and the availability of broadband internet access at the fingertips of each person, many new business owners can achieve more than what they thought possible. VoIP installation is a new way of increasing productivity, boosting work morale amongst your employees and cutting down on phone expenses.

This is especially true for new business owners who want their businesses to grow quickly without call expenses dragging them behind. If you didn’t know how to go about getting VoIP for your new business, below is the process.

Know and Prepare Your Network

VoIP installation requires internet access 24/7, and it is an added burden to your traffic. So, knowing the strength of your network supply is very important. Many small business owners install VoIP only to realize later that other services requiring internet connections have been affected.


The internet may become too slow hindering quick access to other services reducing productivity and efficiency. To help new business owners like you, the first step before installing your VoIP is to make sure that you have more than enough broadband network access for effective and smooth running of your business.

Research and Choose the Right VoIP Service Provider

When it comes to getting the right vendor for your business, a lot of work needs to be done. Getting an excellent VoIP service provider is not only a solution for your starting business, but it will be an investment worth it.

So, do your research on what VoIP service best suits your new business and get it fixed. There are different forms of VoIP services. The first one is integrated access where you use your IP network for all your voice call services. You simply use your Ethernet equipment or LAN cabling to transmit phone calls. This means, making calls will become more like an application such as sending emails or file transfer.

The other VoIP service is PBX (private branch exchange) which is a system that mainly manages all your phone call services. It is mainly hosted which is excellent for manageability. So, do research or enquire from your colleagues and see what best suit’s your new business. This helps you avoid making the wrong choices at the very early stages of your business.

Get Your VoIP Installed

After months or weeks of evaluating what suits you and your network, it is time to call in the VoIP service providers. An excellent service provider should be able to do more than just installing.

They should also be able to explain to you various features of the VoIP and literally everything you need to know about VoIP. This helps clear any doubts allowing you to embrace this new and exciting feature in your business with ease and confidence.


Businesses thrive because smart managers make it happen. You need to get rid of small expenses like expensive phone call bills by installing VoIP for your new business. Who doesn’t want to swim with the big fish? I bet you do! So get VoIP and see your business transform.